A Song Of Ice And Fire

books are important. a dying art. please, please, let me know that there are still people out there that read more than just magazines.

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Re: A Song Of Ice And Fire

Post by anarky »

At this point, do we want a proper ending, or leave it unfinished so he doesn't screw the direwolf like King did with the Dark Tower?
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Re: A Song Of Ice And Fire

Post by Diabolical »

Hopefully Martin has notes or outlines saved so.ewhere, so that after he dies, they can have someone finish it for him, like Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series.
I haven't read them, but it sounds like fans were generally happy with the finale by the fill-in author, who used Jordan's notes/outlines.
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Re: A Song Of Ice And Fire

Post by Tom Foolery »

On a recent episode of Colbert, GRRM said he’s about 75% done with the next book. Which means about another three years give or take. He is currently 74 years old, so he will be 77 when he finishes it. And extrapolating for the final novel, he will be roughly 103+ years old when it comes out.

Yes, the poster chiid for heart disease will be 103(or more) when he concludes the book series he started in 1996. Former collaberators have said they won’t finish the series if he dies before completing it.

In conclusion, we are never getting an end to this series.
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