What games did you buy/play this week?

uh... you need that explained to you? are you that fucking stupid? its self explanitory. explanatory, even.

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Re: What games did you buy/play this week?

Post by vynsane »

never got into skylanders or lego dimensions, but i went apeshit for disney infinity. i still want to play that, but the WiiU hasn't even been turned on in years. i've been trying to find a good deal on the base for XBONE (since, of course, the two i have are somehow incompatible with XB, but works for Wii, WiiU, PS3, and PS4!)

should've bought the LD packs just for the figs and builds.
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Re: What games did you buy/play this week?

Post by Ran »

I actually fired up Disney Infinity earlier this year. I bought the PS4 disc from Gamestop for $3 and started replaying the Star Wars OT and PT games.

We had all of the Disney Infinity characters, except for a couple of the clear figures from the first version. At some point Toys R Us put the power discs on sale, we bought a bunch of packs. We never got all of those, but we have a bunch of duplicates.
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